Transitions and turning toward spring

The St. Louis Community College Athletic Transition team, headed by Florissant Valley Business and Human Development Dean Ruby Curry and Wildwood President Pam McIntyre, is moving forward with recommendations for district team consolidation.

 By now, all of you should have received the email outlining team assignments. Mary Ellen Leicht, executive director of the National Junior College Athletic Association, met College officers earlier this week to discuss the transition and national trends. She relayed to us that athletic programs are under review at many institutions across the country and also commended the district on continuing its commitment to athletic teams. There’s much more work to come, please stay tuned for updates from the district, as well as this blog.

 Developments with Achieving the Dream are moving rapidly as well. The ATD Student Success Team has focused on orientation; a mandatory student success course; “intrusive,” “intentional,” and “holistic” approaches to advising; and re-envisioning developmental education.

 With a deadline of March 31 looming for a draft implementation plan, the ATD Student Success Team has established three strategy teams to develop the plan. The plan that comes from the teams will be used to prioritize the district’s work over the next three years.

This work is not easy – the challenge comes in finding new and creative ways to serve a student body that comes to us underprepared for college level work. I have the utmost confidence the ATD Student Success Team and strategy teams will develop sound plans to meet the needs of our “successes waiting to happen:” our current and future students. I also appreciate the support of the campus community for ATD – please feel free to share your ideas and questions with the ATD teams as they work to move this vital initiative forward.

 As we rush towards spring break don’t forget to check out the wonderful events we have lined up for Women’s History Month. This year’s theme is “History is Our Strength.” Some of the highlights will include Observing Cultural Traditions and Gender Roles in “Babette’s Feast”, a food demonstration and film viewing; Women of Words, a poetry and literature reading with students; “You Throw Like a Girl!”- a lecture and discussion about gendered insults; and Rite of Passage, a Quinceañera celebration. For a complete schedule of events, visit:’s-history-calendar-2011.pdf.

 Let’s hope for a return of the sunshine and those warmer temperatures, thanks for checking in.

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