And so, we commence …

This is such an exciting time of year – students are completing courses, nursing graduates have had their pinning ceremony and on Saturday, May 21, we will celebrate the College commencement exercise. Congratulations to all of our St. Louis Community College graduates – over 3,580 graduates from our four campuses will be honored!

Commencement is a time of celebration, a time to recognize the tenacity and persistence of our students, now graduates. It is also a time for those of us who work here to stop for just a moment and recognize the wonderful institution that is our professional home. Florissant Valley has and will continue to face challenges; we continue to meet those challenges as a team. At the Valley, we are a learning community committed to success for all of our students. Thank you for your energy and enthusiasm!

As the summer begins, we will watch a number of improvement projects unfold on the campus. The second floor of the Administration Building will undergo renovation as we relocate our Business Services staff, move the A245 conference room and, ultimately, create more space for our consistently growing Financial Aid Services.

Ceiling replacements have been scheduled in the Physical Education Building as well as in Humanities. Concrete and blacktop work will be happening at various campus locations. Summer is the time we focus on these kinds of projects to cause as little disruption in the learning environment as possible.


  • Last week marked the end of the legislative session. The General Assembly passed the higher education budget for FY12 in HB 3, which provides a 5.45% cut to the budgets of all 2 and 4-year institutions. This reduction is considerably less than the original amount that policymakers had predicted.
  • From now until Service week (Aug. 15-19), my blog will be published every two weeks.

Again, I congratulate everyone on their hard work this year. Let’s get ready to prepare the class of 2012 and beyond for success!

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