The lovely month of May

“Oh what a beautiful morning” has been the song on my mind this week!  The campus grounds are lovely, the weather outside has been delightful and excitement is the feeling in the air.

Congratulations to Gwen Nixon and our student government association for hosting the annual Student Recognition Banquet last Friday evening!  Everything from the decorations to the dinner to the program was wonderful and our students are truly Leading the way to the Future.

Students are working their way through final exams and presentations, hoping to complete the semesters’ work on a high note.  Thursday, we honored our Florissant Valley graduates.  Many family members and others who have provided support to these students were able to join in the celebration.  They were able to say thank you to a large number of faculty and staff who stopped by, taking a break from their work on grading all those final exams and projects.

The campus governance councils had their final meetings of this year.  Elections have already taken place to identify council members and leaders for next year so it is time for a summer break.  A big thank you  goes to Marie McCool and Donna Wallner for serving as the leaders of the FVIAC and the FVAC respectively.

Tonight, we’ll finish the week by honoring our nursing students during the annual Nursing Pinning event. Congratulations to all of our students!

And finally, on Sunday, May 20, Commencement exercises for the College will take place at the Scottrade Center. Please go here for more information.  

Around the campus:

As the summer semester begins, we’ll start projects to improve the campus. The first project begins next week:

  • The east half of the roof on the Science/Math building will be replaced.  In order to facilitate this construction project and reduce the possibility of vehicle damage, we decided it would be best to close parking lot P-11 during the project.  We will keep at least one of the drive lanes open leading into the lot for deliveries and emergency vehicles.  We want to keep any personal vehicles from being parked in the lot.  The contractor also plans on using this lot as their staging area for equipment and materials.

From now until Service week (Aug. 13-17), my blog will be published every two weeks. Have a wonderful summer semester and thanks for reading the blog!

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One Response to The lovely month of May

  1. Carletta says:

    I agree….the weather is perfect which accounts for better moods.

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