And now the end is not near, it is here!

The office is cleaned out and ready for a new occupant. I have relived my 34 years at St. Louis Community College but especially the 12 and a half years as Florissant Valley president. You know when you are in the middle of everything happening; it is difficult to really see the work that has been done. As I have reflected on this time, I am so proud of the Florissant Valley campus and my colleagues here.

We weathered the discussion around adding an alternative high school to our campus, a tragic incident in one of our campus ponds, faculty and staff transitions and loss of our colleagues and friends. We celebrated with peace poles, tree plantings, and parties. We built the Emerson Center for Engineering and Manufacturing, renovated and added onto our Student Center, renovated many spaces, moved the bus stop (more than once), and added an art gallery to the Administration Building. We welcomed students from around the world and learned so much from each of them. We received a wonderful gift from the Gateway Foundation – our Taurus sculpture – and then added a sculpture park of our own. Together we have made students our number one priority.

Florissant Valley is a special place – it is your place. It will rise to greatness because of each and every one of you. Take stock of yourself, of your contributions and choose – will you contribute to success for the campus and for our students?

It has truly been my honor and pleasure to serve with you in this community.
As I take my leave I am reminded of the words of Henry David Thoreau “Nothing makes the earth seem so spacious as to have friends at a distance; they the latitudes and the longitudes”.

Farewell Florissant Valley.

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3 Responses to And now the end is not near, it is here!

  1. Douglas Mahoney says:


  2. Rosita Lewis says:

    Dr. Pfeiffer,

    As I keep saying, “WE are truly going to miss YOU.”

    This change of pathway, however, is most exciting for us to continue learning of the new things you will find to engage in (family, learning opportunities, public speaking and more). It will encourage us to do likewise, life-long learning never ends.

    Enjoy this new chapter and continue making a difference in folks’ lives!

    All the very best,


  3. Dear Nancy, We started the same year and we end the same year! It has always been a pleasure to work with you. I retired this summer, too. Enjoy life. best wishes. Michael

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