Safety Matters

I’ve spent a lot of time talking with you, listening to make sure I understand your concerns – I want to make sure that we continue to reach out, to talk and share concerns as we await the announcement from Prosecutor Bob McCulloch on the Michael Brown case. The campus community is concerned about safety – as it should be.

Please know that the campus leadership team and campus police have been working closely with local and county police departments to determine how to proceed in the event of a campus breach. Anticipated unrest has made it necessary to draft another campus emergency plan. We’re doing what we can to ensure the safety of our campus community. But there are a few proactive things you can do.
1. Review your ACT NOW brochure. These should be hanging in your department and in classrooms across the campus. If you don’t have one, please contact Kedra Tolson.
2. Do you know who’s on the campus safety committee? Click here.
3. Who is your building safety coordinator? Click here.
4. How will you know if there is an emergency concern? We have several ways of alerting the campus community:
I. Campus-wide email
II. Campus-wide voicemail
III. Shoretel phone alert – Campus police can use your personal phone as a PA system
IV. Net Notifier– a pop-window will appear on your computer screen to alert you of emergency matters.
V. STLCC Twitter alert – If you have a Twitter account just follow @STLCCAlert using your favorite Twitter application. You will receive STLCCAlert tweets in your Twitter feed just as you receive other tweets from those whom you follow.
VI. We also employ emergency messages using the College’s text alert account: text Follow STLCCAlert to 40404. Please note that you may get several messages when you first sign up that are not from the College. To discontinue receiving text messages that are not from STLCCAlert, simply reply to the text message with the words “SET DISCOVER OFF” (without quotes). After that you will only get messages sent out by the school. Your mobile plan’s text message rates will apply.

Above all else, please use good judgment. When an announcement is made, you will be made aware and we will issue instructions to ensure safety. And please, continue to ask questions, offer ideas – we’re all in this together and nothing can defeat a unified and informed campus.

• Want to help our students SOAR? Head over to the Multipurpose Room on Monday and Tuesday and volunteer! The SOAR (Student Outreach and Registration) sessions take place from 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Contact Annie Wagganer (x4337) for more information.
• The Terry M. Fischer Theatre will present “I’m Sorry” at 7:30 p.m. Nov. 7 and at 2 p.m. Nov. 8 and 9. This is an FV Children’s Theatre presentation, so if you can, stop by and support the work of these budding young actors and director Dan Betzler. The performance on Nov. 7 is sign interpreted. Go here for a schedule.

Thanks for reading the blog!

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