Spring break is here!

I’m just back from the League for Innovation conference in Boston – they were still digging out from under the snow! It was a thought-provoking, impactful conference. First, let me congratulate our John and Suanne Roueche winners: Patricia Barnes, Anne Marie Mosher, Nancy Pea and Howard Rosenthal. Anne Marie said the conference ‘was an excellent opportunity to pick the brains of people who are always thinking. It was interesting to see all of the new app ideas that have been dreamed up to help students stay motivated. It was an honor to be recognized by my leadership team.’

My conference experience reiterated one important point – we are all in the student development business, and I know that Flo Valley goes above and beyond to create meaningful classroom and campus experiences.

As most of you know, St. Louis Community College has a new chancellor. Jeff Pittman, Ph.D., statewide vice president of corporate college services and online education at Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana, has accepted the position of chancellor, effective July 1. In the coming months, I’m sure Dr. Pittman will be visiting the campuses and meeting everyone. Welcome Dr. Pittman!

A district wide email was distributed yesterday outlining the new schedule for housekeeping. This schedule is effective March 23. Please be mindful that it will take a while for adjustment – some things to think about with this change:

  • Room setups/scheduling should be done as soon as possible. Room requests cannot be confirmed until a room setup has been received, processed and confirmation sent to the requester.
  • Please have patience – there will be an acclimation period, as housekeepers get used to their new schedules and assignments. You’ll also notice fewer staff during the day, and more in the evening.


  • Let’s congratulate our SEED students and Susan McKnight for their successful trip and presentations at the Clinton Global Initiative in Miami. They received many accolades and one student, Anderson Lima, was selected as a finalist. He presented his project to a panel of judges and was selected as a Resolution Fellow, and will receive the funding he requested, approximately $4,000 to invest in his project.


  • Better Family Life Inc. will offer St. Louisans with misdemeanor warrants an opportunity to move past these issues through the 2015 St. Louis Metropolitan Area Amnesty Project. The program at STLCC will be conducted over two days, March 14 and 18, and will allow individuals to resolve outstanding warrants with city and county municipalities at two campuses (Florissant Valley and Forest Park). The event at Florissant Valley will take place from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday, March 18, in the gymnasium.

And finally, I hope all of you have an enjoyable and fun spring break. Come back restored, refreshed and renewed and ready for the rest of the semester! Thanks for reading the blog.

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